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Laptops and Netbooks

If your trusty (but ancient) PC is on the blink, you probably think it’s time to buy a new one. Or do you? These days, you no longer need the clunky desktop PC to send emails, watch a movie, or write a business proposal – there are now more computing devices that can do the exact job for you, faster and cheaper.  It’s the age-old question: Mac or PC? But what if you could choose neither, and instead opt for a laptop or netbook? If you’re looking for a more economical solution to the desktop computer, then netbooks and laptops will measure up.  

Laptop vs. Netbook

  Netbooks are designed to be compact, low cost and have an extremely long battery life. However, because of these features, the netbook is a bit slower and the DVD drive is removed. This makes it difficult to install store-bought software. They also have memory and storage space restrictions. They are still functional for web browsing, sending emails, and word processing. Their size makes them a great choice when travelling. Consider giving a netbook to a young family member who is just starting out in the tech world.   Laptops on the other hand, are multifunctional and give you more freedom to play games, install store-bought software due to their DVD function, and use for mainstream productivity. They have bigger screens and bigger hard drives, but they are also a lot heavier and less portable than netbooks.  

Which device should I choose? 

Just like any electronics device, your buying decision should be based on your budget, the features you need, and what you will use it for. Netbooks can’t compete with a laptop’s ability to watch movies, play games, and run more than one app at the same time, but laptops might be overkill when all you want is a simple device to surf the web, blog, and stay in touch with family and friends.  Shop online on eBay today for cheap laptop computers and accessories. From laptop covers to  laptop bags and everything in between, you will find what you need at competitive prices online.