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Latex Mattresses

Latex stands out for being a very durable material that could be both natural and synthetic. In a mattress, it forms the comfort layer for a better sleeping experience. However, many users also claim them to be more breathable, responsive, and bouncing than traditional spring or memory foam mattresses. Although latex is a natural material, not all latex mattresses are the same. Study the types and choose best one for your needs.

Latex Basics

The latex is a white liquid that comes from the rubber tree and it is possible to collect similarly to maple sap. During the manufacturing process where producers remove excess water, they mix the latex with air and coagulate it, resulting in a springy material. Mattress manufacturers consider it one of the best materials because it is natural, durable, and healthy. With its fast response time, the latex is great for an active sleeper who tosses and turns around a lot. Moreover, it is a good option for people sensitive to smell thanks to its deodorising properties and off-gassing. The latex mattresses come in various firmnesses, including medium and firm latex mattresses.

Natural Latex Mattresses

Containing 100 percent of latex is rare even in the case of organic latex mattresses because this is rather expensive. However, such mattresses do exist and you can acquire a mattress completely out of latex. Read the descriptions carefully as they might often be misleading.

Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Synthetic latex is a fully manufactured material. In fact, the synthetic latex is a monomer that has gone through polymerising and includes many surfactants. This kind of material responds similarly to natural latex, but is not as firm and does not last as long.

Blended Latex Mattresses

These combine natural and synthetic latex, the ratio usually 80 percent synthetic to 20 percent organic, although it could also be half and half. Make sure that the percentage of both materials is included on the package, so you could be sure that it does have some natural ingredients. This combined option provides the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and durability and does not break the bank.

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