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Laundry Balls Other

Your list of laundry supplies is not complete without laundry balls. If you have never used these items in your laundry, you are missing out on the convenience and benefits they add to your life. Find these laundry supplies with a variety of options to suit your needs.

What They Do

As one of the most practical of the other laundry supplies you can buy, the laundry balls work to create softness in your laundry by moving the pieces around so they are fluffier. They may also remove lint, pet hair and other dirt to increase the cleanliness of your laundry as well. Laundry balls also help prevent twisting and tangling of laundry so it can wash and dry faster.

Washer or Dryer

You will find laundry balls for the washing machine or the dryer. Both have special uses to improve the results of your laundry, but each one is unique in which its job. In the washing machine, they are especially good at separating laundry so all items are clean which is their main purpose. If you purchase dryer balls, they do a similar job for faster drying as well as making your clothing and linens softer without the use of fabric softener.


Most of the time, the laundry balls come in a pack of six. However, you can find a pack of four or even a single ball, which are larger than the other sets and ideal for use with heavier items, such as coats and jackets..


Choose from a variety of colours for your laundry balls. They may be pink or blue, orange, white or even two-tone. The two-tones balls are usually designed to be used in the wash along with the blue balls. They can also have ridges or spikes, which is how they move the laundry around  in the wash. They may come in plastic or wool. While plastic is the most common, wool is a natural choice which also reduces static cling.

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