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Laundry Tap

Keeping it clean with a new laundry tap

Don’t let an old tap turn your laundry room into a swimming pool. Having fresh water available when it’s needed is a basic life necessity, but so is ensuring the water stays exactly where it should. Whether you’re renovating your entire laundry, or simply need to replace a broken tap, with the extensive range of laundry taps available right here on eBay, you can browse to your heart’s content. Choose the ideal laundry tap to suit your needs and even have it delivered to your door with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Explore the vast range of laundry taps

As your sink may come with predrilled holes for the taps and faucet, make sure to take note of these holes and match the laundry taps to your home sink or basin. Keep in mind that it may be easier to cover existing holes than it will be to drill additional holes. Consider the style of spout and the shape of the faucet that you’re interested in. A straight nozzle on a faucet will be inexpensive and compact, but it may be difficult to fill bottles or buckets. A gooseneck shape creates more space within the sink, but may cause splashback in a particularly shallow basin. Consider if you need a rotating or even extendable faucet or nozzle to give you more options. Do you need a single tap, two separate taps for hot and cold, a lever option, or even a hands free tap? Two taps will offer a more precise temperature adjustment but it’s harder to install.

As far as looks are concerned, you’ll want to get laundry taps that suit the size of your basin. A small set of taps will look silly with a huge sink. Consider the finish of the laundry taps and how the colour and level of polish fits your existing decor. Tap design may be contemporary, classic, rustic, or even artistic.

Don’t hesitate to also check out the range of plumbing taps and mixers to see what may help with your laundry upgrade. Whether your existing laundry tap is leaking, corroded, nonfunctional, or simply ugly, replacing your faucet can help turn your washing chores from tiresome to a pleasure, thanks to the great range of laundry taps available right here on eBay.

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