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Laundry Trough

Troughs and laundry tubs are a convenient addition to a laundry space. Troughs allow you to soak clothing or scrub stained clothes close to your washing machine. You can also use them for chores other than clothing. You may want an indoor sink that allows you to wash dirty hands or leave muddy boots when you come in from the outdoors, or perhaps you need to rinse paintbrushes that you would rather not have in your kitchen. Laundry troughs are a good way to keep the mess from the main part of your home.


Laundry troughs and tubs are typically stainless steel. Among home plumbing and fixtures, stainless steel offers a number of benefits, including easy cleanup and no having to worry about your washing staining the basin. There are options, however. You can also find plastic and ceramic laundry troughs if stainless steel does not appeal to you.


Tub and sink capacity is typically measured in litres. A larger capacity may be useful for bathing larger pets and rinsing out large cooking utensils. On the other hand, a large capacity trough that rarely gets used may end up just being wasted space. Smaller litre tubs have a slimmer profile. These can be the best choice for limited spaces and areas where storage is as important as access to water.


When purchasing a laundry trough or tub, consider if you want a single trough or if you have room for a double. Double troughs and tubs give you more flexibility in use. You can wash on one side and rinse on the other, or even have two projects going at once. You do need the space though.

Stone Basins

If the typical stainless steel laundry troughs and tubs are too plain or industrial looking for you, you can consider a stone basin. Normally used in bathroom vanities, stone sinks and basins offer a softer look for any space. With that softer look comes a price though; both in terms of actual dollar cost as well as cleaning. Laundry troughs are usually used for tough cleaning jobs. Make sure that the material you choose for that space is appropriate for your needs.

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