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Laura Mercier: A French Masterpiece

You don't have to fly to Paris and tour the Louvre to see some French masterpieces. Laura Mercier make-up adds chic French flair to your already natural beauty, combining to create a gorgeous look again and again. eBay is home to hundreds of Laura Mercier make-up products, including face powder, eye shadow, foundation, blush, lipstick and other make-up staples that can bring a hint of European flair to your make-up routine.

Who is Laura Mercier?

Laura Mercier is the visionary French artist behind the make-up line of the same name. A native of Provence, France, Mercier has an artist's background. It is this background that has helped lend an artist's eye to the world of make-up.

In 1996, she took everything she had learned to launch the world-renowned Laura Mercier Cosmetics. Now the line is available in more than 25 countries around the world and has earned multiple awards from respected beauty magazines.

Gorgeous face make-up for the modern world

Combining classic European style with modern needs is where the Laura Mercier range excels. For a flawless face, Laura Mercier has created a unique range of foundation, primer and setting powder that you can rely on for your daily routine. Blemishes can also be easily handled with the selection of concealer.

One of the big ideas behind Laura Mercier's face make-up is that foundation shouldn't be used to completely cover your face. It should work with your natural skin tones to create an even look. Laura Mercier isn't about looking perfect; it's about feeling flawless.

Create any look you want with the Laura Mercier range, which also includes bronzer, blush and highlighter that accentuates your natural beauty. Set it all together with the famous translucent face powder that protects your make-up and doesn't give any flashback in photos!

Lips and eyes

Getting that flawless look you want in your own unique style has never been more possible than with Laura Mercier. Starting with the lips, you'll find beautiful lipstick and lip gloss in different applications to suit your individual preference. For the more detailed looks, you can highlight everything in the right places with gorgeous lip liners and lip pencils.

Making your eyes pop is also easy with Laura Mercier. Starting with a specially formulated eye primer, you can give yourself whatever style you like with the range of eye shadow and eyeliner on offer here. Whether you just want specific shades, or a whole palette, Laura Mercier offers that sort of variety.

You can also use volumising mascara to make your lashes stand out, and Laura Mercier even provides you with the tools to make your look come together!

Laura Mercier skincare

No beauty routine would be complete without some luxurious skincare. So, whether you want basic cleansers to prepare for your make-up or you want some extra helping keeping the lines of age away, have a browse through the Laura Mercier skincare range today. To repair, clean and protect, there's something here for every purpose.

Add some European elegance and style to your make-up routine with Laura Mercier make-up from eBay today.