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Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza coffee is a popular brand of coffee that produces both whole bean, grounds and capsule products. Lavazza coffee is grown at plantations all over the world, with only the finest beans being selected for use in the range of products.

Italian Heritage

Coffee is synonymous with Italy, and Lavazza has a proud Italian heritage. Lavazza whole beans and ground coffee produces an authentic Italian-style espresso when brewed in a pressure extraction system. The brand was founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy and Lavazza coffee is the most popular coffee brand in Italy. Because of this Italian heritage you can be sure that every product has been blended by experts, to ensure a consistent great tasting cup of coffee every time.

Ground Beans

Lavazza ground beans come in a range of different strengths and blends. Qualita Oro is one of the brands most popular blends, which combines 100 per cent Arabica beans to create rich flavour that is perfect for drinking black or with milk. The Caffe Espresso blend is popular amongst espresso drinkers, because it delivers a strong coffee with good crema and chocolate notes. In addition to these, consumers can choose from Crema e Gusto, Perfetto Espresso and Caffè Decaffeinato. These products all come pre-ground and in a wide variety of pack sizes, making them quick and convenient to use. There is a flavour to suit every taste preference. For those that prefer whole beans, these are available in 500 gram and 1 kilogram bags in three different blends. While the blends are not organic coffee, this enables Lavazza to offer a wider variety of products.

Nespresso Compatible Pods

Lavazza produce a range of Nespresso compatible pods, which produce a high-quality espresso when used in compatible machines. These pods feature the Aroma Safe technology, which ensures the coffee remains fresh during storage. They also use the noble and dark roasting technique, which retains flavour and aroma by carefully monitoring the roast times and temperatures. The velvety grinding extraction ensures that grounds do not enter the cup, resulting in a perfectly extracted coffee every time. There are four different strengths and blends to choose from.

A Modo Mio Pods

Lavazza also sell pods specifically designed for their Lavazza automatic coffee maker, the A Modo Mio. There are 12 different blends to choose from, and they are pre-tamped for optimal extraction. Each pod contains 7.5 grams of coffee and is vacuum sealed for freshness.Lavazza cappuccino espresso machines are designed to produce a cafe quality coffee in private homes.

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