Lead Screws

Tighten it up and get the job done with lead screws

Whether you have a full-fledged business or just consider yourself a machine hobbyist, we all come to a point where we need a refill on key supplies. Once upon a time, you'd have to hunt through a hardware store and dig through tiny bins to find everything. Luckily for you, things have changed. Now all you have to do is comb the pages of eBay to find every little part you will ever need, including thousands of dependable lead screws.

Do it yourself

A lead screw (also known as a translation or power screw) is the screw that serves as a connection in a machine, basically translating turning motion to linear motion. As far as linkage comparisons go, the lead screw creates more frictional energy loss. So, they tend to be used in jacks, machine slides, presses, linear actuators and presses.

As far as how they are manufactured, they can be ground, rolled or cut, just like other thread forms. When used in conjunction with a split nut, a lead screw is known as a half-nut. This can compensate for wear and tear during compression, but can also disengage from threads to move axially, independent of the rotation of the screw.

The advantage of using lead screws

There are many advantages to using lead screws. They possess the capability to carry large loads and can be much more accurate when fastening, as well as low maintenance. The majority of them are self-locking.

Shop industrial supplies at eBay

Regardless of if you’re planning a DIY project, or you’re buying in bulk as a professional builder, there is an abundance of lead screws available online right here on eBay. Choose from different lengths, widths and styles to suit your project. Shop today for the pieces you need to get the job done time after time.