Leander Baby Cots and Cribs

When it comes to baby cots and cribs, there are many styles and brands to select from. Leander baby cots and cribs set themselves apart from others by providing parents with one bed that not only converts to a junior bed, but transforms into five different beds in just a few minutes. Instead of investing in multiple beds for a small child, investing in one that does it all saves time and money.

Rock the Cradle

Before babies graduate to a cot, a cradle works perfectly to keep newborns safe and secure while they sleep. Leander cradles hang from the ceiling or sit in a stand and move gently when pushed, rocking baby to sleep softly. With a soft, 100 per cent cotton interior, the cradle is baby's first sleeping space, and a great introduction to sleeping independently. Small enough to set in any space and portable enough to carry on the go, cradles give moms peace of mind.

Cot Up

Leander cots look deceiving. What looks like a simple baby crib is actually a convertible baby cot with a mattress. These beds offer more than meets the eye, with the ability to convert and adjust five different ways. Once your baby is old enough to no longer require rails, one side drops, creating a more independent space while keeping baby safe. When your little one grows into a toddler, remove the side rails to create a small toddler bed perfect for little people. After your toddler grows into a bigger child, you can still use the bed as a sofa, so realistically it can offer up to six different uses.

Mix and Match

Leander doesn't just make high-quality cribs and cots. Set up your child's bedroom with matching furniture pieces to create a cohesive nursery. An ergonomic high chair is supportive and structured, and like the cot, is adjustable, growing from a high chair into a regular chair, then a booster. Finally, it can become a regular adult chair. Other stylish Leander pieces to consider include a sleek, height-adjustable changing table and a matching dresser that pull together your baby's room.

Sleep Supplies

Getting ready for bed isn't just about the equipment. Shop Leander for matching sheets and bedding, along with bed bumpers and canopies that create a haven for your baby to enjoy a restful night of sleep. Enhance the furniture you have with accessories like a supportive high chair cushion or a changing mat cover. Complete your cot's transformation into a sofa with the addition of a Leander sofa cushion to add comfort and support.