Leather Armchairs

Leather armchairs for comfort and luxury

Sit back and relax, weve got this covered. Shop through a huge selection of beautiful armchairs to suit any room in your home, right here on eBay Australia. Whether youre looking to replace your upholstery for sleek leather, or youre looking for a more rustic, worn look, find your ideal leather chair here.

Dining room

Replace your wooden or upholstered seating with leather chairs for your dining room. Easy to clean with food or drink spillages, this type of dining chair suits the family tea time and lavish dinner parties. Try out the Eames style with a leather seat and wooden legs to achieve a fresh, trendy look.

If youre looking for something more affordable, shop for faux leather options too in a range of colours and styles.

Living room

The best place for a big, comfy leather armchair. Create a go-to comfort spot in your home for your kids, grandparents or even your dog!

Find your ideal recliner armchair, great for your living room. Simply lift a handle or flick an electric switch to lay back and put your feet up. Comfort to the extreme. Recliner armchairs offer a two-in-one solution to wanting a chaise lounge but only having space for an armchair. Opt for a vintage, retro La-Z-Boy type armchair for the classic recliner look!

Also great for your living space, accent chairs with stainless steel legs offer a contemporary solution, if the retro look isnt for you. From chic white leather to a rich brown NuBuck, there is a huge range available. Pair with a matching stool or complementary coffee table to complete the look.

Home office & study

Office furniture has got to be right - you will use it every day! Structured to offer optimum support for your back, chairs designed specifically for the office ensure that you can work effectively. Try out an innovative leather option with built-in massage functions and treat yourself to a massage in the comfort of your home.