Leather Athletic Shoes for Men

Leather sneakers for work and play

Stylish, comfortable and fashionable, leather sneakers are a classic choice for everyday at home or at work. Dress codes at the office have really had their time in the sun. The days of having to wear a suit and tie to work are over, and athletic leisure wear is to blame for blurring the fashion line. Casual work wear, where the aim is to look smart but comfortable, has brought leather sneakers to the forefront. Footwear that has the status and refinement of a dress shoe and as comfortable as a running one. You can go from a workout, to the office, to a dinner without changing your shoes and staying true to your style.

Styling leather sneakers

With a great pair of leather sneakers, you dress from the foot up. Single colour sneakers like black, brown or white, won’t necessarily draw attention to themselves but add to the overall effect of your outfit. With a clean shoe design, no matter the colour or tone, anything goes. A suit with a pair of sneakers is a popular look, and it works best with slim fitting pants. For a more casual look, dark denims, and a neutral top, anchored by some fly sneaks and you’re good to go.

Leather sneaker maintenance

Leather sneakers are easy to look after and even easier to clean. Unlike canvas where tiny particles can get stuck in the woven fabric, leather just needs a damp cloth to wipe off any marks. Leather is a soft and flexible material, so it won’t give you blisters, and it wears in nicely. Overtime it gently moulds to and creases with your foot for an even more comfortable wear. Leather is a durable material that you can wear and wear for years.

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