A leather backpack provides a durable, stylish and weatherproof means for women to carry their essentials when they are out and about. But not all leather backpacks are equal. Getting the right leather backpack requires paying attention to some specific buying criteria:


There are different qualities of leather. The best backpack material is well tanned and fully grained. Leather that is cut by hand ensures that the texture, grain, and colour is uniform.

The most common types of leather used to make leather backpacks are:

  • Cowhide – This is considered to be the highest quality. Cowhide bags are the most durable and will be able to withstand the heaviest load.
  • Lambskin – Lambskin leather is just as luxurious looking as cowhide and almost as durable. However, lambskin leather bags are more likely to succumb to wear and tear.
  • Bonded Leather – Bonded leather is created from the fibres of discarded leather fibers. It looks just like the real thing but is cheaper. Bonded leather is not as strong as cowhide or lambskin.
  • Faux Leather – Faux leather is the eco and animal-friendly alternative to real leather. It is very affordable but not nearly as durable as the real thing.


Leather backpacks should be designed to be functional. They should have multiple pockets to allow the wearer to securely hold their laptop, tablet, iPad or camera.

The straps on the backpack should be fully adjustable. They need to allow the user to make easy adjustments while the pack is on their back. The straps should be well padded to prevent any discomfort through the shoulders and should be slip-resistant.


The stitching on the backpack needs to be sturdy, with double or triple stitching the ideal. The interior of the bag should be fully lined in order to fully protect the items in the bag.


The hardware on a quality leather backpack needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear that the bag with naturally encounter. Buckles, zippers and snap closures must be able to withstand multiple uses every day.

There is a wide selection of women’s leather backpacks on eBay. Also available for men.