Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Save your Apple iPhone with Leather Cases, Covers & Skins

Trade in the smashed screen for a much better accessory

It seems that every second person with an iPhone also has a smashed screen to match, which is inconvenient and unsightly, typing that email with a smashed screen is no easy feat. The solution is in a case for your iPhone. These cases protect your entire phone, stylish, customisable and there are more phone cases on the market than there are phones, and that's a lot. If you are a chronic 'dropper' there are cases with 'bounce-proof' edges that are intended to protect your phone from smashing if it is dropped onto hard surfaces and better yet the ‘Life-Proof’ case, can even take a dip in the toilet and still survive.

Leather Bound Cases

For the more fashion conscious, there are leather bound cases, cases with your initials embossed in fancy gold lettering or your 'minimalist' clear case, ensuring the safety of your iPhone. The novelty cases are a huge hit with kids and grandma's alike, turning your iPhone into a giant panda.

Avoid The Wallet Dance

How many times have you got to the cash register when you are attempting to do your food shopping only to realise that your wallet is not in your handbag, your jeans pocket, NOWHERE! Avoid the unnecessary hassle all thanks to these phone cases with inbuilt card and money holders! The flip open case, has your phone on one side, locked in safely and securely, thanks to the magnetic latch, whilst you have the choice of putting your cards on the other side.

A Case for Everyone

No matter what phone you have there is a Phone Case for practically every phone on eBay. If you are still a little unsure on how 'safe' your phone will be even with these cases, there is the option to invest in a Screen Protector which is a thin layer of plastic or tempered glass that acts as a 'safety layer' to the screen of your phone.

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