Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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So you've redecorated and now looking for a perfect rug to add the finishing touch. You're overwhelmed by the number of different rugs and carpets available but nothing has really caught your eye. Leather rugs are a popular choice but after looking at a number of different options, you're still not sold. You're looking for a leather rug with something more. Then you see the cowhide rug on eBay and it's game on.

Cowhide rug

The cowhide rug has a unique personality. You will not find many rugs that can give a room such distinct character. Cowhide rugs come in many different colours and shapes. There is the traditional rectangular appearance but don't stop there, explore the number of exotic styles on eBay and live a little. The more you explore, you will find that there are different sizes and varying levels of softness. Choose from irregular tile patterns, peppering styles or simple colours.

You can use the cowhide rug as a floor rug or even a throw rug for a sofa, bed or car seat. The usual suspect are leather sofas , as they have a similar feel to the cowhide rug.

Looking after your cowhide rug

Maintenance is always a question when purchasing rugs but with cowhide rugs, you do not need to worry. Cowhide rugs can be easily maintained. All you need to do is vacuum the rug like you would with normal carpet or give it a little shake. For a long lasting shine, you can wipe the rug with a vinegar and water solution. Also don't forget to rotate the cowhide rug to ensure even wear especially where there are high traffic areas. The cowhide rug is also smell and allergy free.

If you're looking for a leather rug that will give your room originality and be a visual delight, check out the range of cowhide rugs on eBay today!

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