Leather Jewellery Boxes

Leather Jewellery Boxes

When youre looking for somewhere secure and stylish way to treasure your jewellery, a leather jewellery box with an organiser can be the perfect solution. Whether its genuine or faux leather, this material has a durable and expensive look that can protect your favourite pieces from any damage. These jewellery boxes can be compact for your dressing table or larger with multiple compartments intended to travel with you, and there are countless colours and designs to choose from.

Genuine and Imitation Leather Boxes

There are both genuine and imitation leather jewellery boxes available depending on your budget and preference. Genuine leather boxes may be a little more costly but theyre durable and well made. Imitation materials like PU leather look and feel just like the real deal but without the cost, and modern varieties of this faux leather only get better as they advance.

Boxes of All Sizes and Compartments

A jewellery box can come in many different sizes and shapes, and the same applies to the leather variety. There are petite jewellery boxes capable of holding just your wedding rings or something larger with multiple drawers, compartments and mirrors for all of your pieces. Most leather jewellery boxes can stay open or closed with a delicate clasp holding them together.

All of Your Favourite Brands

While there are plenty of great unbranded leather jewellery boxes available, some might prefer to have one crafted by their favourite jewellery maker. Popular jewellery brands like Pandora create their own boxes for people to store their pendants and bracelets in, and there are also plenty of vintage leather boxes to choose from.

For Use At Home and Travel

Leather jewellery boxes are useful for more than just your dressing table as they can also work as a travel accessory. Thanks to the durable nature of this material, a leather jewellery box is the perfect way to keep your favourite pieces close by when you travel. Other boxes can sit on your benchtop or dresser and make a beautiful piece of décor as well as a practical storage space for your jewellery.

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