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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Minifigures

Assemble the team with LEGO Marvel minifigures

Get a great deal on genuine LEGO Marvel Superhero minifigures on eBay. Whether you’re looking to complete your collection or put a smile on someone’s face, you’ll find great value individual Marvel “minifigs” as well as Marvel sets and accessories.

Looking for high-value LEGO Marvel Universe collectibles?

Over 50 different Marvel Superhero LEGO Minifigures have been made to date, including multiple variants of the most popular characters. Look out for highly collectible LEGO Marvel superhero characters like Ironman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Thor, Wolverine and Quicksilver - all listed right here on eBay.

Complete your Marvel Superhero Set

There are over one hundred different LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets and packs to collect. Although many of the Marvel Super Heroes sets readily available on eBay are still possible to buy directly from toy sellers, most are out of production and off the shelves, and eBay is a great place to find them.

Buy a complete set in factory-sealed mint-condition, perfect for collecting, or find a great bargain on a full set in good condition perfect for building and playing. Need extra pieces to replace lost parts and complete your existing sets? Find them on eBay. Want to extend a great set with rare variants and accessories like armour, weapons and other props? You’ll find everything from the LEGO Marvel Universe on eBay.

For keen collectors, increase the value of a character or set by browsing eBay’s listings of accessories that boost collectability value - items like weapons, armour and vehicles plus original packaging items like bases, boxes and inserts. You’ll even find highly valuable quirky Marvel Super Heroes collectibles like ultra-rare misprints.

Avengers assemble

Find dozens of LEGO Avengers sets including multiple tie-in sets for each of the films in the Avengers franchise on eBay.