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Got one to sell?

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Sony Alpha

Debuting in 2006, Sony Alpha is a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera series that has undergone upgrades over the years, with new models coming out. Unlike other cameras that require only the newest attachments, by using a camera lens adapter, you can utilise different camera lenses and mounts in various editions.

Lens Adapters

One of the worst things about technology is how quickly pieces fall out of date and become obsolete. For photographers and filmmakers, equipment can be very expensive. With a Sony camera lens adapter, you can ensure your trusted camera will accept any lens you want to attach. It’s a simple device but can save you hundreds. Of course, you should first look for the Sony brand, but other camera lens adapters can be compatible.

A-Mount and E-Mount

When looking at this product, a couple things that might pop up are the terms "A-mount" and "E-mount." If you are a photography novice, it's forgivable if you don't know what they mean. An A-Mount is in cameras (such as the Sony Alpha) that have a mirror or translucent mirror. E-Mount appears on mirrorless camera types. These two types produce different image sizes. By using an adapter, you can keep using your (most likely older) E-Mount camera with a more up-to-date A-Mount lens.


Whatever your vision, there is a lens for you. With the adapter, you don’t have to worry about your camera’s compatibility, and can focus on your work or hobby. Choosing the right lens size is vital to getting your picture right. Zoom lenses can help you get a clear photograph from far away and Macro lenses will let you take photos in extreme close-up. Between these two extremes are many lens types and sizes.

Other Adapters

Other brand camera lens adapters are available for purchase. As with other technical photography issues, trial and error will help you find the right fit for your needs. With new models and technologies constantly hitting the market, the older generations of cameras and attachments are available for purchase at reduced prices, making experimenting more appealing.

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