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Lenser Camping & Hiking Head Torches

Ledlenser Camping and Hiking Head Torches

Wear a Ledlenser camping and hiking head torch to shine a clear, bright directional light on yourself and wherever you turn as you climb through an icefall, trail run in the wild or pitch your tent in the dark. Not only do you see where youre headed, but you notice any obstacles quickly and have both your hands free to deal with anything unhindered.

About Ledlenser

Founded by the brothers Opolka in 1993, German company Zweibruder Optoelectronics is the driving force behind the award-winning Ledlenser camping and hiking flashlights and headlamps that use patented and innovative technologies, such as the advanced focus system (AFS) and the Optisense and smart light technologies.

Ledlenser Head Torch Brightness

Ledlenser camping and hiking head torches with 1-499 lumens brightness offer comfortable lighting for reading a book, normal camping activities and even walking at night. On the other hand, a head torch with over 1,000 lumens brightness is suitable for hunting, extreme survival and search-and-rescue missions, as it is extremely bright.

Ledlenser Camping and Hiking Head Torch Beam Type

The type of beam a headlamp has determines the best application for it. The flood beam provides proximity light over a shorter distance, but a wider angle than the spotlight beam so it illuminates a larger area, making it ideal for search-and-rescue and military exercises. On the other hand, the spotlight beam provides concentrated light over a longer distance and a narrower angle of light than the flood beam, so it is perfect for navigating a trail at night or looking at things that are at a distance.

Ledlenser Head Torch Battery Type

Head torches that use disposable AA or AAA batteries require you to carry extras and, when you dispose of them, you contribute to landfill waste. On the other hand, those that use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have lower operational costs and are eco-friendly.

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