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Lexmark Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer inks do not last forever, and once your cartridges run out or the print quality starts to decrease, you face the search for a new one. Ink cartridges are exclusively for inkjet printers that feature powerful ink jets, which spray the liquid ink onto the paper. Consisting of a complex blend of dyes and pigments, the inks can produce very accurate colours and achieve the print results that you expect. Lexmark printers work best with OEM printer ink, while you could consider using generic inks as well.

Lexmark Printer Inks

The original Lexmark printer ink cartridges come from the same manufacturer that produced the printer. Therefore, you can rely on the ink's quality and compatibility with your Lexmark printer. The genuine inks are the preferred choice if the print quality matters to you. These inks are specifically for certain printers and even for specific models. If you need to print high-resolution photos or artwork, opt for original inks.

Generic Inks

Compatible printer ink cartridges are generic and can fit many different printers. These are from third-party manufacturers and are usually less expensive than OEM inks. However, as all ink cartridges include a connection chip, you do need to pay close attention to the product description to ensure that it does work with your Lexmark printer.

Ink Colour

Upon purchasing an ink cartridge, you need to know which colour to look for. Once the print quality starts to fail, you do not always have to replace all the inks. Sometimes, it is only one colour that needs a replacement. Lexmark inks are black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Depending on your printer model, you should buy them separately, or choose the combination ink that features magenta, yellow and cyan in one.

Environmental Responsibility

Lexmark has initiated the Lexmark Return Program and collects old cartridges from the users. In fact, Lexmark offers two types of cartridges: the regular ones, which are typically slightly more expensive, and recyclable cartridges that the company keeps out of the waste stream by refilling or recycling them. Thus, when opting for genuine Lexmark inks, you are doing your bit for the environment.

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