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See things clearly with these lightbulb accessories

Gone are the days where lighting was a simple case of an on or off switch. There are now huge ranges of light bulb accessories for all types of lights, from LED, fluorescent tubes to solar-powered light sources. Explore the vast selection on eBay to find something to perfectly suit your home.

LED accessories

There is a range of accessories available for LED lighting, up to 120 Watt. Shop for replacement halogen with an LED COB filament capsule, easy to install and offering a long lifespan.

Wireless smart bulbs allow you to control LED lighting all around your house with your smartphone. Simply link up the smart bulbs to your wifi network and control the brightness, colour, and hue. Choose between the shades of the rainbow and the colour temperature from cosy and warm to bright daylight. Using less energy than conventional bulbs too, sleep easy with this accessory. It's even possible to use this accessory to put your lights on a timer for a gentle wake-up light.

Solar accessories

Solar powered bulbs are great fun for kids, but also a sustainable and cordless way to generate energy. No need for batteries, either. Try out a solar run LED bulb with fitted hook which can easily be hooked inside your tent, perfect for camping or fishing.

If you're looking for other outside lights for your home, go for an energy powered porch light for your front door. Sets of solar LED garden lights will light up automatically as you walk up the path to your home. Say goodbye to scrambling for your keys in the dark.

Fluorescent tube accessories

Perfect for the office, home, or even for the lamp in your reptile tank. Fluorescent tube lights have a range of accessories ready to buy on eBay. From UV cut shatterproof tubes to shopping for different coloured tubes in various shapes, there's something for your needs.

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