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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Since its invention, the wheelchair has developed in so many ways. Makers have advanced from the typical manual and heavy type to motorised wheelchairs, to automated functions, to lightweight materials now appearing in modern manufacturing, and more. Money could be an issue that prevents someone from buying a wheelchair with advanced features. Still, it is good to know that lightweight wheelchairs now often sell as a common feature. You can scout for cheaper prices online.

Lightweight, Foldable Wheelchairs

Choosing lightweight and foldable wheelchairs would be good, especially when your living space is small. Accessibility won’t be difficult, as usage will not block one’s way from area to area. Fold it and stack somewhere near. Other family members can go about their business in your home. If you are always on the go, it’s good to buy a foldable, lightweight one. It’s easy to put away when you need to transfer to regular seats. Remember to keep it nearby for easy retrieval. Prioritise buying a lightweight one if moving about is a daily thing. You and any assisting companion get to save energy. Also, back strain and injuries from the use and transport of wheelchairs greatly diminishes.

Lightweight, Manual Wheelchairs

You can also find a manual wheelchair that is foldable and lightweight. Equipmed offers this type. It has an extra-tall seat back and easily folds. The footrests are swing-away and detachable. The push handles and wheel grips are highly ergonomic. You get left and right wheel brakes. It has padded armrests. The design allows you comfortable seating all day. Movement and control are easy, granting convenience to your helpers.

Lightweight, Electric Wheelchairs

Some have always led independent lives and are comfortable going out by themselves. These find electric wheelchairs most helpful. If you do have someone with you but not regularly, then you may need to spend for an electric one. It grants you self-mobility. It is good to have one in the house. It is necessary for emergencies in which you need to go out and no one is available to join you. EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid has good models on sale. The EZ Lite Cruiser is a deluxe model that offers full comfort. It features 140 degrees of recline. You can adjust the armrests and raise them for side access. Controls accommodate both left-hand and right-hand usage. It is lightweight, foldable and durable. It uses a rechargeable LiFePO4 Lithium Battery and grants 15 miles of drive. You can charge the batteries off-board.

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