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Got one to sell?

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Are you a DIY person?

If you are, you probably have a number of projects in the pipeline and may be looking for industrial metalworking equipment and machinery to make them happen. The linisher is one equipment that will make your life easy. You can save a lot of time by using a linisher.

What is a linisher?

The linisher is essentially sanding paper with an electric motor. If you need to smooth out a surface, the linisher will do the job. Wood and metal are the most common users of the linisher but it can also work on plastic. The linisher will create an even surface and can also be used to polish material.

The sanding belt of the linisher is wrapped around rollers, which are powered by an electric motor. The speed of the sanding belt can be adjusted to achieve the optimal smoothness. As it is a powerful piece of equipment, you will need to wear eye, foot and dust protection. It may even be a good idea to use respiratory protection.

Bench grinder linisher

If you are in the market for a linisher, why not also check out the bench grinder linisher? The bench grinder linisher has the added advantage of shaping the material before moving to smoothing and polishing. The uses are endless for a bench grinder linisher. Two uses in one and perfect for both home and commercial use! You can build an outdoor wooden bench, sharpen lawnmower blades or smooth metal imperfections.

Other power sanders

You can also take a look at other power sanders and choose from a range of stationary or portable sanders. Depending on your need, check out the various cordless, handheld or mounted options. Never fear, the variety of metalworking equipment for the DIY adventurer is vast.

Consult with your home or office workshop and jump onto eBay to make your purchase today. Life is too short to miss out on the full DIY experience.

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