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Prepare to pucker up with lip gloss

There are so many ways to add colour and vibrancy to your lips, and lip gloss is a winner if you want a full and luscious look. The higher concentration of pigment in lipstick can be quite intense, so gloss is a great alternative if you want a more natural tint. Rest assured, you'll find a substantial amount of choice for creating your perfect pout, here on eBay.

Glitter lip gloss

If you want to pucker up in pink sheen or plump your lips so they look fuller, glitter lip gloss adds another dimension, suitable for any occasion. Handaiyan offers a range of glittery tones from orange to brown, pink and purple. They come in a handy 4.5g tube that fits neatly in any makeup bag. The special formula ensures that you get long lasting lip colour that's smudge proof and durable.

Sheer lip gloss

When you fancy a more natural look for your makeup routine, a sheer lip gloss gives a soft sheen in a colour that is subtle and suitable for day wear. The sheer gloss by NYX offers a beautiful balance of colour, and shine, while the mineral oil content keeps your lips moisturised for longer. It has dual-usage as an overcoat too; adding shine to a matte lipstick.

Sheer glosses are ideal for teens and young women who are new to the world of makeup and may want to experiment with subtle tones and naturalistic products.

Lip and cheek glow

Clinique offers a lip and cheek glow, which is very versatile and nourishing for the skin. It has a gel formula brimming with natural oils like jojoba that keep your lips thoroughly moisturised for longer.

The handy wand applicator gives precision as you glide over your lips, while it can also be smoothed on with your fingers like a blush, if you go for the cheek glow option.