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Liquid Lipstick

Get a lip-smacking treat with liquid lipstick 

With so many lip treats on eBay, its hard to know which product is going to suit you. You cant go wrong with liquid lipstick because it occupies a satisfying middle ground between a lipstick and lip balm. A creamy texture mingles with a light, moisturising formula, and rich mineral pigment colours delight in a multitude of alluring shades. Most liquid lipsticks come with a wand applicator for the utmost functionality. 

Matte liquid lipstick 

Matte makeup gives a more distinguished, velvet finish, which is perfect for day or night wear. Get the Kylie look when you use a Kylie Jenner mini liquid lipstick set. The set contains 6 compact tubes in pink tones. Each lip shade has a slight metallic sheen, so you look glam whether youre at work, a party, or going on a date. Ooze sophistication and confidence every time you apply matte liquid lipstick.  

Liquid lipstick and primer duo 

Sometimes a lipstick doesnt have enough moisturizing properties, especially during the winter months. This is where a liquid lipstick, with a built-in primer, comes to the fore. Clinique offers a gorgeous liquid matte lipstick, and primer in one that can quench the thirstiest of lips, while still delivering strong colour. The essential oils in the primer ensure a smooth glide on application and the strong pigment content gives you lasting colour. 

If youre prone to dry lips, the moisturizing nature of a duo liquid lipstick, and primer could be just the solution for you. 

Liquid lip gloss 

If you pine after the perfect shimmery pout, a colour liquid lip gloss delivers the goods. LipSense offers a combined approach to achieving a gorgeously luscious pout with its lip colour and gloss top coat. The two should be used in unison to achieve optimum shine, and locked-in moisture. All products are wax, lead, and gluten-free, and not tested on animals which is great for people with sensitive skin and those wishing to lead a more ethical, eco-conscious lifestyle.