Lladro & Nao Figures

Lladro and Nao Figurines

Gracing your home with Spanish made decorative Lladro and Nao sculptures and figurines adds a touch of timeless elegance to your decor. Handcrafted since the 1950s, the Lladro porcelain figures made by the Lladro brothers are truly luxurious works of art. The pieces in their Nao by Lladro series are affordable releases of contemporary and classic characterizations loved by people worldwide.

Lladro Figurines

The artisanship in Lladro sculptures and figurines is simply stunning. The form and painting captures the tiniest detail. They celebrate the diversity of life in all forms. The full production process that creates the unique finish to Lladro figurines is a closely guarded secret. However, the very best quality fine white porcelain given life by their colour palette of some 4000 colours to capture every tone and nuance of what is being created. Finishes are matte or glaze depending on the final look of the piece.

Nao Collections

Figures in the Nao collections cover the full experience of humanity from birth throughout life. Produced by Lladro, they are a separate range. The Nao collections are released in themes such as childhood, youth, love, family, spirituality, arts, occupations, fairy tales, special occasions and animals. Releases of childhood favourites such as Disney characters and Winnie-the-Pooh may brighten up a nursery and become an air loom. Each year new releases add to the joy of discovering life.

Collecting Lladro and Nao Figurines

Retired Lladro figurines, those not in current production, are highly sought after by porcelain and Lladro collectors, as are limited editions and u001aannuals produced for a year only, or first and last of a collection. The marking on their base can authenticate genuine Lladro figurines. There have been eight or nine different trademarks used for various series released since the 1950s that will indicate a genuine piece. All figures given by Lladro have Spanish and English names and can be searched, and listed by these to help collectors find a piece.