Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

Whether your passion is boating, horseriding, kayaking, or dirt bike riding, you’re a lover of the outdoors and want the best in creating portable options for your sport. Check out eBay’s range of great loading ramps for sale, and you’ll be packing up car, bike or boat trailer and enjoying the best your sport has to offer in no time.

What to look for when considering a loading ramp for sale?

The first consideration is that your loading ramp is suitable for the application you want. There’s no point buying a motorbike loading ramp when you’re trying to coax your horse onto a float. The style of the ramp determines where the weight is distributed, and you don’t want to cause damage to the ramps, other trailer parts, or even worse, the precious cargo you’re attempting to load or yourself. You definitely need to consider the weight of what you want to go on your trailer. Don’t forget to add on your own weight to the total loading weight you require, plus the weight of any additional people who will assist you in loading or unloading. You’ll also need to consider any other accessories or fuel that will be included on your load. Another 10 kilograms of weight would be a good buffer to add. Also consider whether any items you load will have three or five wheels. The weight distribution of that type of vehicle is different to two or four wheeled vehicles, so the loading ramp will need to be designed with this in mind, particularly when it comes to hinged or folding ramps. Always measure the width of your item to be loaded from the outside point to the outside point. If you’re loading a vehicle, you’ll need to measure from the outside rim of the tyre to the outside edge of the other tyre. You don’t want your tyres hanging off the edge of the ramp, it’ll only make it all the more difficult to steer. The length of loading ramp you require will depend on the height of the trailer you are loading on to. For every 1cm of height of the trailer, you’ll need around 2.2cm of ramp length. So if your trailer is 70cm off the ground, you’ll need a ramp that’s 154cm (1.54m) long. Check out our great range of loading ramps available here on eBay today.

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