Dazzling loose diamonds and gemstones for the budding jeweller

High quality precious, and semi-precious stones, and gems remain in demand with both traditional jewellery makers and homespun crafters. Diamonds are the most precious of all stones, prized for their carat, cut, clarity and colour. Every year the finest loose diamonds are assessed, and certified by the GIA (Gemological Institue of America) to create beautiful sparkling engagement rings, wedding rings, jewellery and watches.

Coloured gemstones

Diamonds are not the only popular natural stones. Untreated sapphires, amethysts, and rubies remain popular stones. A red ruby, or cool green emerald stone look lovely set within a yellow, or rose gold mount, whereas a pink or blue sapphire looks elegant against a white gold, or silver ring. Coloured gemstones, for example, amethyst, are often lower in price than diamonds, which makes them more affordable, especially for anyone hoping to make, and design their own jewellery.

Precious stones for craft

Rough cut, or tumbled stones, are great for creating jewellery from scratch, and tumbled gemstone chips are an affordable way to access high-quality stones at a lower price. Bulk bulking mixes of stones mean there will be a great variety of colours to choose from. Similarly, there are many semiprecious stone beads available, which can be easily threaded to make jewellery. There are even less obvious stone choices like coral, or lava beads that can be used to make distinctive designs.

Large stones

When buying a single stone, it's important to think about the size, weight, and cut of the stone. Emerald or princess cut diamonds remain popular, while a cushion cut blue sapphire could create a real show-stopping piece of jewellery. It's also worth considering if it's important whether or not a stone has been heat treated, as some stones are heat treated to enhance the colour or clarity of the stone.