Loose emeralds

Emeralds are an incredibly beautiful stone with their green. There are natural emeralds, lab created emeralds, and other emeralds such as costume ones. Loose emeralds are ideal when it comes to making custom jewellery. These precious stones can originate from many places such as Colombia, Zambia, brazil, Madagascar, India and even Australia.

When it comes to understanding carats of emeralds it can be a little difficult. Here is a quick baseline for carat to mm size, quality and variations to look out for.

There is a number of sizes in between, this is just to give you a rough idea.

  • 1ct is 6.68 x 4.95mm
  • 2.5ct is 9.07 x 6.72mm
  • 5ct is 11.42 x 8.46mm
  • 7.5ct is
  • 10ct is 14.39 x 10.66mm


The colour of emeralds can make quite a difference. They can range from a yellow green to a blue green, this is referred to as the hue. Ideally the most desirable hue is a bluish green to a pure green. Tone refers to how dark or light the stone is while the saturation of the colour is how dull or vivid the emerald is. Of course, you really want a stone that is rather dark with a vivid intensity, however, you may be surprised how beautiful even the lighter, dull emeralds are. Lastly, clarity comes down to the imperfections of an emerald. You need to expect to see imperfections due to the way they are formed. The clearer the emerald the higher the price tag. However, these imperfections can add a lot of character to the stone.

Variety of cuts

The Emerald cut is standard as it is the best cut to ensure you get the true beauty of an emerald. This is usually more of a rectangular cut. However, there are also veal, circular, square cuts, pear/tear drop and you may even find uncut stones that are ideal for customisation.

You should consider rubbing cedar oil over your emeralds as well. This often improves the clarity and shininess of the precious stone.is often used to improve emeralds clarity. Not only that, but keep your precious stones safe in an organiser.