Loose Spinels

Loose Spinels

Spinels belong to crystal cubic system in the larger spinel group in the mineral category. Its chemical formula is MgAl₂O₄ and spinels are usually transparent or translucent. They are available in a variety of colours such as black, red, cobalt blue, pink, green, purple and black. Black and red spinels are usually in great demand in the market. Some spinels are as rare and valuable as other gems specifically some red spinals compete directly in the market with rubies.

Rough Loose Spinels

You can purchase a rough loose spinel from different stones and spinel retailers in the market. Once a rough spinel is purchased, it first has to be cut properly depending on the roughness level then polished and refined into a proper shape and then fit into an ornament or a jewellery. Some people have a penchant for collecting stones of all types and they like purchasing spinels of different colours and transparencies to add to their precious stones’ collection.

Indian Loose Spinels

India has established quite a name in the stone cutting and polishing market over the last few decades. Spinels which are cut, refined and polished in India are quite valuable and handled with the proper technique as to retain the quality of the spinel. Indian loose spinels are usually black in colour and can be cut and shaped according to the buyer needs and also according to the original size of the spinel.

Colours of Loose Spinels

Spinels are available in a lot of different colours such as pink, red, orange, black, blue, purple, green, black and brown. The most valuable and famous variant of spinel in the market is red and pink. After this, there is a demand for orange spinels as well. These colours are mostly used in place of sapphires and rubies in jewellery.

Usage of Loose Spinels

Loose spinels are used extensively as gemstones in jewellery and decorating ornaments. Some designers also use them in luxurious home décor items. In some regions of the world, they are also used on luxury dresses particularly bridal wears combined with other forms of crystals.