Lord of the Rings Miniatures

The Lord of the Rings is the template for most subsequent fantasy franchises because of its rich lore, inspiring world, and fascinating characters and creatures. Bring the stories of Middle Earth to your game table by purchasing The Lord of the Rings miniatures, which are ideal for use in tabletop games, such as D&D or Warhammer. Like the figures from the tabletop games previously mentioned, LOTR miniatures are about 28 to 32 mm but contain some stunning details that you can bring out with a little work.

White Figures

Painted figures are widely available, but many hobbyists prefer to paint their figures themselves. These white Lord of the Rings miniatures allow for much more room for creativity and give the painter the opportunity to put a personal twist in the character he’s painting. Get a set of 100 Lord of the Rings Warhammer figures, which include renowned heroes like Gandalf the White, Gimli and Elrond and then bring life to them with your brush. Also available, metal figures are much sturdier and easier to dry brush at the cost of more heft.

Character Sets

If your current army is missing a platoon of rangers, then get a set of Rangers of Gondor figures so you can depict the final battle at Mordor. You can also get the Rohan Royal Guard to complete your current set or if you need some more villains and meat shields, then Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs can make for some fierce adversaries for your heroes. Sets released in the millennium like 2002 to now Lord of the Rings miniatures also feature more intricate details that are a joy to bring out especially with some paint.

The Hobbit Sets

The Hobbit franchise expanded on the already fascinating world of Middle Earth. Increase your collection as well by purchasing figure sets like the limited edition Escape from Goblin Town complete with platforms and menacing little goblin minions. Grab a set of Mirkwood Rangers to hamper your party of dwarves as they make a daring escape just like in the films.