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Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery

Louis Vuitton Fine Jewellery

Louis Vuitton is famous for its fine jewellery. Louis Vuitton watches, Louis Vuitton fashion jewellery, and Louis Vuitton fashion bracelets are all very popular and sought after luxury designer items.


Louis Vuitton (or often LV for short) is known for its fine craftsmanship and careful attention to detail with its fine jewellery products. Louis Vuitton is known for diamonds, and has its own special "LV" cut unique to the luxury brand. Louis Vuitton fine jewellery is all made in workshops in Paris, and a single necklace can take up to 300 to 400 hours to carefully craft by the best talents in jewellery making. Some fine jewellery designs are completely unique.


Louis Vuitton fine jewellery comes in a large range of precious metals and stones. Typical materials include rose, white and yellow gold; diamonds; and more unique materials, such as onyx, malachite and pink mother-of-pearl. Louis Vuitton does also produce fine jewellery ranges using other materials, such as sterling silver and enamel.

Range for Women and Men

The range of Louis Vuitton fine jewellery for women includes rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets, charms and wedding and engagement bands. Classic womens Louis Vuitton fine jewellery ranges are the engagement and "V" ranges, the latter features the classic Louis Vuitton V shape. Mens ranges includes rings, bracelets and pendants.


When considering luxury designer goods, such as Louis Vuitton fine jewellery, authenticity is important to consider. To tell whether a Louis Vuitton fine jewellery item is authentic, it should come with the original packaging and a card of authenticity from Louis Vuitton. Other things to look out for are the quality and weight of the piece, and clear and correct labelling and writing.