Keep your baby snuggled up soundly in Love to Dream swaddles and sleeping bags from eBay. 

Getting the little ones down to sleep can be quite a chore. Newborns and toddlers love to fight the night, wiggling and crying at all hours and resisting the urge to get some much-needed rest. Luckily for you, Love to Dream is here to help make the entire bedtime process that much easier. With a fantastic selection of nursery bedding, sleeping bags and sleepsacks, and more, these trusted pieces will have your little one snoozing like a champion. 

The Love to Dream story 

Proudly Australian, Love to Dream started in 2008 when fashion designer Hana-Lia Krawchuk decided to take her child's comfort and safety into her own hands. Her son Elijah had trouble sleeping during his first 18 months, uncomfortable with his hands pinned down by his sides per traditional swaddling instructions. Hana realised Elijah preferred to have his arms up so he could soothe himself with his hands. So she went to work creating what would quickly become one of the most trusted baby products in all of Australia. 

Since then, Love to Dream's patented Newborn to Toddler Sleep System has soothed thousands of little boys and girls, allowing both them and tired parents to get the rest they need and deserve. 

Love to Dream baby essentials are cuddly and cozy helpers that keep your baby safe and happy when it's time to sleep. With an array of colours and sizes for little boys and girls of various shapes and ages, you'll have no trouble getting a piece that fits your child snugly. Check out the range on eBay today and make bedtime more comfortable for the whole family.