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Lowepro Camera Cases Bags and Covers

Lowepro is an American brand for camera, laptop and consumer electronic bags. Headquartered in California, the company spun off from Lowe Alpine Systems, an outdoor gear producer. Lowepro camera bags are known to be sturdy and heavy-duty, suitable for protecting photography equipment on long hikes and inclement weather.

What Kind of Camera Bags Does Lowepro Make?

Any photographer knows that lugging around different camera bodies and lenses can quickly become a fairly laborious task, as all those odds and ends can weigh a substantial amount. Fortunately, Lowepro makes many different bag designs to optimise space and weight distribution. Here are some of their most popular styles:

  • Lowepro camera backpacks. These are ideal for those who don't want to strain a single shoulder with the popular shoulder and sling bag styles and offers more structured support and organisation.
  • Shoulder bags and camera messenger bags with wide straps and internal organisation compartments to protect gear.
  • Crossbody camera shoulder bags, which help optimise the weight distribution of a heavy bag.
  • Compact cases and bags, fit for carrying one body and one to two lenses.