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Lpg Regulator

LPG Regulators

LPG gas regulators are devices placed between LPG cylinders and devices that use LPG, such as gas ranges and stoves. Their function is to reduce the pressure of the LPG delivered to appliances as it travels from the cylinder (where it is stored at very high pressures). Good caravan gas regulators deliver the gas at steady pressures.

Types of LPG Regulators

The older types in caravans are single-stage regulators. However, in Australia, new installations are required to be the newer two-stage regulators. These newer options provide constant delivery pressure, even as the pressure in the cylinder drops as the amount of gas in it decreases. In addition, users should add the energy requirements of all their LPG appliances and select a regulator that has a sufficient megajoule rating, such as for example, if both a cooking range and a portable heater are powered by the same cylinder.

Connecting LPG Regulators to Cylinders

LPG gas fittings and connections are essential to complete the link between LPG cylinders and LPG appliances. Pigtails are gas hoses that connect the cylinder to the regulator. They are designed to be slightly flexible to absorb the shock of sudden movements, thereby minimising the risks of leaks caused by movement. The three common types are copper pipe, rubber hose with stainless steel braiding, and S-Core. Copper pipe is very durable, but continuous bending can cause it to fatigue, while S-Core is flexible and will not kink under normal use, and finally, rubber hose is an economical choice, but it can break over time. Next, test points are fittings that allow users to easily test the correct functioning of the regulator. If flow is excessive, it means the regulator is faulty, whereas limited flow points to a blockage in the line. Lastly, changeover valves are useful when the regulator is connected to two cylinders. Manual changeover valves are changed manually, whereas automatic ones automatically switch from one cylinder to the other when one is emptied.