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Canadian activewear clothing retailer lululemon was born in Vancouver, British Colombia in 1998 and grew from humble roots as a yoga and design studio in Kitsilano, Vancouver to a global yoga-inspired, clothing company for both women and men.

The brainchild of Chip Wilson, the vision for lululemon is a so much more than a brand, it’s a way of life; pulling together the elements of passion, healthy living and mindfulness, with a community-focused mindset, where everything and anything is possible!

The Product

Initially the designs were focused around women’s yoga, however with customer, athlete and ambassador feedback, lululemon have diversified and scaled their business and range over time to generate purpose-built clothing for running, cycling, training, yoga and more for both men and women.

Sustainability & Social Impact

lululemon create the most beautiful consumer products powered by partnerships that develop and manufacture their range through responsible supply chain. lululemon fabrics and products are sourced from 22 countries across the globe and all lululemon vendors go through a strict initial and ongoing vetting process to ensure that their own company values are aligned.

As true believers in harnessing their business for social impact, lululemon created the Here To Be program, generating 300+ partnerships, $5.4M in investment and 8,000+ yoga mats donated as a start! They fund teacher salaries, training scholarships, provide space for social enterprise workshops and a large number of social enterprise partners. 

lululemon Clothing and Accessories for Women

lululemon’s clothing range caters for serious sweat, including gear specialised for yoga, training, running, swimming and the office travel commute. 

Snap up sports bras that feel like they’re tailor-made just for you, matching activewear tops and bottoms, hoodies + pullovers, shorts + skirts, socks + underwear, yoga mats, bags, scarves, gloves and more.

lululemon are always innovating and you can shop for clothing by cotton, fleece, polyester or nylon, depending on your preference and season, no matter where in the world in you are! 

lululemon Activewear for Women

What you wear will put that extra spring in your step all year round. Power up and mix things up with a different lululemon print for each day of the week and colours that make your heart soar.

lululemon has the most amazing crop tops, gym shorts, jackets and cutest array of printed leggings - activewear perfect for your early morning yoga session, gym session, weekend hikes, sunrise walks with your fur-kids and brunch with friends.

lululemon Sports Bras for Women

Are you forever on the hunt for the right sports bra? Do you always feel like you’re in the wrong size? You’re not alone, this is so common that 80% of women are in the same boat. 

lululemon have a size quiz on their website and their technical designs cater for every shape and size, with the cutest colours and tailor-made fits for jogging, the gym, yoga and your sweat session of choice.

lululemon Sports Bras are designed make you feel confident, comfortable and like a million dollars every time you step out of the house for a workout.

lululemon swim wear for Women

Yes, lululemon’s activewear is amazing, however they’re so much more than leggings these days! 

The summer collection is out now and includes the Poolside Pause One-Piece, Clear Waters High-Waist Skimpy Bottom and Bikini Top, Will The Wave Long Sleeve Cheeky One Piece, Swell Seeker Paddle Suit and a number of other costumes.

Make waves and hit the beach this summer with lululemon’s latest swimwear!

lululemon Clothing for Men

As lululemon have grown, the brand branched out to not only cater for women, but the latest innovations for men too. Abrasion-resistant panels are one of lululemon’s new inspiring creations with the License To Train Pant for the most intense workouts and ABC Technology that has undergone years of R&D to ensure lululemon’s high-stretch, lightweight fabrics provide complete freedom and movement, in even the most intense hikes or gym sessions.

Choose from a range run, yoga and a training gear, the lululemon Office Travel Commute collection, tops, bottoms and accessories, available in 13 different sizes and 9 different colours.

lululemon Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Women

lululemon’s iconic range of women’s hoodies and sweatshirts include a number of custom styles and a rainbow of 10+ different colours to choose from including pink, purple, yellow, green and blue. 

Hazy Day Sweater, Scuba Hoodie or Catch a Breeze Pullover… hoodie, zipper or zipper-free… the choice is yours.

lululemon Activewear Jackets for Women

Get the best coats and jackets for women, whether you’re in the studio, travelling or out in the great outdoors. 

Search for lululemon waterproof, lightweight wool jackets with responsibly sourced down, you can find your balance and regulate your warmth. Unleash your winter warrior with a 3-in-1 Parka, Wunder Puff Jacket or hit the hiking trails in spring and autumn, with a Down For It All Vest.

Heading to the mountains in New South Wales or Victoria for trekking, skiing or snowboarding next winter? Snap up lululemon’s latest 4-in-1 coat creation also transforms into a travel pouch! Or get into the new Escape and Explore slimline rain jacket.

There’s jackets and coats for everyone and every occasion!

Innovation and the Office Travel Commute

lululemon are always innovating and in 2020 and beyond, travel tops and bottoms are the way forward, even when you’re not travelling! Perfect for the home-office and boardroom alike, lululemon’s stylish Office Travel Commute range, designed for both men and women, are changing up how you can dress, look and feel during office hours. 

Chinos, joggers, crew socks, long and short sleeve tops…there’s nothing better than feeling comfortable and stylish while you work. Stay cool in every sense of the word, any time of year in lululemon’s Office Travel Commute range.

Live, love life. Since humble beginnings on the streets of Vancouver in 1998, the lululemon brand has exploded to over 450 stores around the globe and at your fingertips online. When you shop lululemon, you not only look and feel fantastic, you can rest easy knowing you can feel part of a global community that are making a global social impact. Fuel your feminine energy with lululemon and gear up now!