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Easy to use MIG Welders

Metal Inert Gas Welders were first introduced during World War Two to speed up the process of ammunition and equipment manufacturing. They provide a higher quality weld than traditional Heliarc welding while also being quicker and easier to learn.

MIG machines work by creating an electric arc between two electrodes and the metal plate. A spool of welding wire is then fed through the electrode which is superheated by the arc. This causes the wire to melt and form a weld puddle. Throughout this process carbon dioxide is fed through the gun which helps shield the weld puddle from contamination, helping to create a cleaner and stronger weld. Additional shielding can be offered with gasless MIGs, which are protected by a tube of metal.

MIG welders are used by a range of professionals including car body repairers, boilermakers, and metal fabricators throughout Australia. A MIG can be the perfect welder to add to your welding bench.

PULSE MIG welder

Pulse MIG welders are advanced MIGs which reduce the risk of spatter and cold lapping, which are common when using a traditional short circuit MIG machine. They also operate at a lower temperature which is not only more efficient it expands the welding range and reduces the risk of burn through. Pulsed MIG welding is the best welding method for most applications and metal types and is particularly suitable for new welders.

Multiprocess welder

Multiprocess welders perform a range of welding types from a single machine. These include stick, flux-cored, TIG, MIG and submerged arc. They are a great choice for workshops that need to carry out a range of welding tasks and often work out cheaper than purchasing individual TIG and MIG machines. eBay supply a range of MIG welders from all the major manufacturers including, UNIMIG and Cigweld.

When purchasing a MIG welder you may also want to consider purchasing a Voltage Reduction Device which reduces the maximum unloaded circuit voltage when the welder isn't in use.

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