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 Music is meant to be enjoyed loud and clear, and there’s no better way to enjoy this than with MP3 player headphones and earbuds. Whenever the mood strikes, you can put on your favourite track and block out the rest of the world without disturbing those around you.  MP3 player headphones allow you to enjoy music while you’re lifting iron at the gym, walking the dog, or take the longer-than-usual commute to work. Available in a range of styles to suit your personal preference, you are only limited by your budget and taste! Don’t know what type of earphone or headphone is right for you? It’s easier to make a decision when you compare the different types.  

Types of MP3 earphones

  In-ear monitors (IEMSs): Made to fit snugly inside each ear canal, IEMs come with foam or rubber tips to secure a better fit. They are great for passive noise isolation.  Earbuds: These are slightly different to IEMs and feature small handles that rest behind the tragus. They are the most affordable type, but they may lack the noise isolation that other headphones offer.  Over-ear: Also known as ‘around-ear’, these kinds of headphones have cushioned cups that fully surround the ears. As they do a great job of isolating the wearer from the outside, they are considered the best headphones when it comes to sound quality.  On-ear: Similarly designed to over-ear models, they also deliver good sound quality but you will still be able to hear outside sounds. This is because an over-ear headphone has cushions that sit on the outer ear than surrounding the ear.  MP3 earphones are so cheap that you can buy two and keep a spare in your bag or backpack, so you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you happen to be. Shop online on eBay today for the largest range of electronics and accessories, including MP3 headphones, personal CD players, portable AM/FM radios and much more.

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