In an age where smartphones can be used for just about anything – from finding the nearest petrol station to logging your gym workouts, and of course playing music – it seems like the humble MP3 player is heading into obsolete waters. However, there’s still a place for dedicated music players. If you’re an audiophile, it’s easy to justify using an iPod and other MP3 players to listen to your favourite tracks.  

So why buy an MP3 player? 

 If the thought of dropping your phone and scratching it while listening to music terrifies you, or if you don’t like the idea of running with a super chunky iPhone in your hand, then an MP3 player is the best thing for you. When you download music on your smartphone, you are taking up valuable space that could be reserved for taking photos of your meals or pet. Likewise, streaming music eats up your data plan. As a useful supplement to your phone, an iPod won’t take up precious space and you can tuck your phone safely in your bag or backpack while listening to music on your iPod. 

 Types of MP3 players 

 There are a few different types of MP3 players, but the most popular are the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano.  The iPod Shuffle is cheap and has a built-in clip that latches onto you while running. However, it doesn’t have a screen so you won’t be able to pick or see what song you want to play next. The iPod Nano does have a screen so you can select your next track. It also has Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect your Bluetooth earphones and listen wirelessly wherever you are.  Find MP3 players, iPods, noise cancelling headphones, and music accessories online at great prices on eBay. Shop by model, generation, or even by ‘limited time’ deals or best-sellers to score competitive prices on new and used electronics.