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MR16 LED Downlight

When it comes to interior lighting, there is a definite trend towards LED downlights right now. One of the more common types are the multifaceted reflector, or MR, light bulbs due to their suitability for directional lighting. Bulbs are designated in terms of size, such as MR16. Although they are just one of the types of MR16 light bulbs, LED light bulbs have significant advantages over other types of light bulbs like halogens.

Replacing Halogens

There are considerable benefits to switching from halogen downlights to LED downlights. Probably the most appealing of these is that MR16 LED downlights are decidedly more cost effective than halogens. This is because LED downlights are far more efficient at converting electrical power into light. It follows also, that LED lights tend to have a far greater average lifespan than halogens due to this efficiency. MR16 LED downlights often come with information regarding their halogen equivalent to ensure a correct replacement is found when transitioning from halogen to LED.


LED downlights are capable of producing a broad range of white light, from warm light to cool light. The downlights also come with a wide range of beam angles, so they can be either highly focused or have a much broader beam. These characteristics mean they are frequently used in homes, as well as retail and hospitality locals.


Only certain specific MR16 LED downlights have the option of being dimmable. Those that do though, give you the freedom to control the intensity of their light and set the right mood. This feature is mostly beneficial when there is a specific need for dimmable light.


There are some vital factors to consider with LED light bulbs. One important safety aspect to keep in mind is that MR16 lamps can suffer from issues with managing heat transmission, which if not properly managed can affect the strength and colour of their light. Another is that they produce a slightly slower and considerably less intense light output than traditional halogens.

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