MREs-Dried Food

Survivalist fuel made easy with MREs dried food

The Meal Ready-to-Eat (MREs) are essential hunger busters for those on survival style camping trips and in emergency situations. These freeze-dried food packs are designed by a brand specifically to provide quick and filling meals which require little or no cooking and are ideal for campers, hikers or mountaineers who need to travel light. Many different types of MREs can be purchased here on eBay, from individual pouch servings to entire 24-hour ration packs containing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

MREs on the move

MREs were originally designed for the military as individual field rations when organised food facilities were not available. These dehydrated foods are ultra-lightweight and vacuum packed in individual servings, making them compact enough so that survivalists can store several days food rations in their backpack. These are used by many explorers as part of their camping cooking supplies, to endure days out in the wild.

The energy-giving result of these freeze-dried foods provides comprehensive nutrition to sustain the body and include meals containing dehydrated milk, cooked meat such as beef or chicken, vegetable ingredients including mushroom, peas and carrots, as well as fruit and precious carbs like rice, noodles and potato.

The benefits of MREs

One of the main advantages of MREs is that they are ready-to-eat at any time and can be activated by just a small amount of water (which can come from snow, lakes or streams). Often theres no need to light a fire or stove and the dehydrated nature of each dish means the food storage lifespan will run into years.

MREs are also water resistant and impact proof and so wont spoil even when your kit bag gets soaked in a torrential downpour or if accidentally dropped onto rocks. These dried food packs are also hermetically sealed so cannot be contaminated by other substances or bugs and, most importantly, they will remain undetected to the sniff of bears and other animals.