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Macbeth Canvas Shoes for Men

Macbeth is an American footwear company that began in Carlsbad, California in 2002. In addition to footwear, they produce clothing and hats. Well known in the punk, pop-punk and emo scene, Macbeth shoes were largely popular at their inception, but in recent years their presence and production has lessened. Seventy percent of their shoe line is vegan, meaning it contains no animal products, like leather or suede. Instead, Macbeth utilises canvas when constructing these shoes.


Tom DeLong and Mark Hoppus of rock band Blink 182 helped start Macbeth Footwear. Their influence helped popularise the footwear brand. Macbeth footwear has been seen in music videos and appearances by many artists, particularly those in the rock, punk, emo and punk-pop scene. Many have compared Macbeth Men's Canvas Shoes to VANS Men's Canvas Shoes, as they are both popular with musicians and fans. VANS is a more established line with a greater number of styles and has been in business for much longer than Macbeth.

Saban Brands

In 2015, Tom DeLong sold his Macbeth footwear shares to Saban Brands. Since then, customers have complained about the lack of availability and advertisement relating to Macbeth. Shoes are still available for purchase through specific retailers, but their reach is more narrow, with some styles being more difficult to find than others.

Vegan Shoes

The majority of Macbeth Canvas shoes and men's trainers are vegan. This means that no animal products go into the making of the shoe, including leather and suede. Veganism is an important movement within the music scene Macbeth associates with, so it would only be appropriate to produce lines that everyone would like to wear. Vegan shoes Macbeth creates have a canvas upper and rubber sole. Sometimes PU leather, or synthetic leather is utilised. Macbeth men's casual canvas shoes are meant to be worn everyday, and although they can be worn during athletic activities, they are not meant for it. Each shoe is gets its name from a musician. For example, the Eliot is from Eliot Smith. Hidden in the shoe are also corresponding song lyrics.


Macbeth is popular for their efforts to produce vegan footwear by PETA, and has received numerous awards. In the 2000's, when Blink 182 and other similar bands were at the height of their popularity, Macbeth men's shoes were everywhere. However, with Blink 182's hiatus and the dissolution of many bands in this scene, Macbeth shoes suffered in popularity. Since this music is not part of mainstream music as it was in the 2000's, Macbeth shoes have become a niche and collectors' item. Fans of these shoes may have a hard time finding certain styles and sizes due to lack of production.

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