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Got one to sell?

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If you have low water pressure or your toilet is fixed below the sewer drain pipe, then you could greatly benefit from a macerator pump.

A macerator reduces solids to a slurry with a grinding or grating mechanism, and the slurry is then moved by the macerator pump through your home plumbing fixtures. Also great for adding an extra toilet, washing machine, shower, or dishwasher when the plumbing doesn't necessarily support the location, a macerator makes pumping waste easier. The macerator pump is usually installed behind the toilet and then connected to the electric power supply.

What to look for when considering macerator pumps for sale
Macerator pumps have a variety of designs and features depending on the brand, model, and unit. Some features to consider are the capacity of the macerator pump, which is usually measured in litres per minute.

The size of the head also needs to be taken into consideration. Some units conveniently have multi size fittings to suit different pipe sizes.

The material used in the construction, particularly the blades and motor casing, is another thing you want to think about.

You'll need to ensure you have enough room to fit the dimensions of the macerator pump. Consider how many watts the motor is, and how many inlet ports are available, particularly if you want to connect the toilet, sink, and shower to the one device. Also confirm the distance of pumping, so that you can be sure your home is fully covered with proper plumbing. Also, a non-return valve will prevent back flow.

Inadequate plumbing can do a number on your home. eBay has a collection of high quality macerator pumps for sale, as well as other important plumbing parts and accessories both big and small, that can help keep the plumbing in your house or unit on track. Check all the great options out today and find the parts you need to keep things flowing.

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