Easy and fun to read, magazines are the perfect companion for a boring evening, a long plane ride or while waiting for an appointment. Loaded with images and articles, magazines come tailored to every taste, whether you want to read about the latest movies, music or crafts as well as a variety of other subjects. Its easy to catch up on back issues of your favourite magazines or collect special and limited edition selections.


Search magazines by subject to find what youre interested in. Although many popular magazines focus on things like sports, crafts, fashion or beauty, if you dig a little deeper, you can find specialty magazines in many subjects ranging from psychology to knife collecting to performance automobiles. There are issues for every interest, and if you enjoy decorating your home or fly fishing, theres a magazine for you. While there are monthly magazines, there are also bi weekly and even weekly editions of some of your favourite issues.


Some people enjoy cataloguing their magazines by decades, which makes it easy to find a specific issue or limited edition magazine. If youre focused on finding magazines from a particular era or even decade, look for magazines released in that time period, such as 1940-1979 magazines, or more current, updated 2000-now magazines. It can be fun and amusing to page through old magazines and see what the styles were in a different decade, or you may need to use vintage magazines for research purposes, education or as props in a play or movie.


When you have magazine subscriptions, you notice that once or twice a year, some companies send you special, collectible editions of their magazines. These collectors editions make fun magazines to keep and have on hand, and some vintage collectibles or limited editions are worth some money. Look for double issues, special editions or magazines with collectible covers that may make a worthy addition to your library or collection. These may include everything from vintage Playboy magazines to old versions of fashion magazines or simply one magazine that put out a range of different cover versions to celebrate the release of a new movie.


Buy magazines in bulk for the most affordable way to start or add to a magazine collection. Choose lots by decade or era or topic of interest, or buy a mixed lot and enjoy thumbing through a variety of magazine options. Bulk lots typically come with anywhere from a few to 30 or 50 issues of one magazine or related issues making it a great way to stock up your magazine collection or look for engaging images for a special project. Get inspiration from retro home decor magazines, or dive into nostalgia by reading entertainment or music magazines from when you were a teenager.