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Discover the power of magic and illusion

Magic toys are great for beginner magicians who want to practice pulling a rabbit out of a hat and working with a magic wand. From fun tricks for children to more advanced illusions for experienced magicians, shop a wide range of magic toys here on eBay.


Play funny and clever tricks with your family and friends by bending spoons and using shrinking magic playing cards or scaring your mates with detached fingers. Add some laughter to your day and show off your magic skills with a few tricks and pranks. Solve Rubix cubes faster than ever with a magic cube toy or show off your card shuffling skills with the right deck of cards.


Learn how to make pens float in the air and have things disappear with a secret box toy that will have your audience confused and amazed. Use a magnetic ring to help you with your tricks and illusions. For the right price, your audience can have their future read with a Magic 8 Ball toy and you can make smoke appear from your fingertip with a special magic toy.

Magic Sets

Work on your magic skills with a complete set or magic kit for a great price. Many kits include a variety of tricks, spells and illusions so you can practice and try a range of different techniques. Larger sets may include a book to describe how to perform tricks and learn the secrets of real magicians.

Magic Toys

There's a huge range of props, games and tricks available on eBay. If you're a fan of Harry Potter, you can have his wand for yourself to practice your spells. Make a coin disappear with a close-up magical prop toy that will hide the coin perfectly.

Magic sets are perfect for children or adult's looking to get into magic, who want to learn a variety of magic tricks to impress their friends and family with.