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Other Magnetic Window Cleaner

Make your windows sparkle with one of the magnetic window cleaners on the market. They will remove streaks and spots so that your windows shine. Include them in your list of other household cleaning supplies. This handy little tool is easy to use and will come in handy if you have a lot of windows to clean, especially in areas that are difficult to reach.

Single or Double Side

When searching for a window squeegee and other products, consider either a single or double-sided magnetic window cleaner. With the double-sided option, you can easily clean a double pane window while the single side cleaner takes care of single pane windows.

Window Cleaner Kit

Purchase a window cleaner kit, which includes the single- or double-sided cleaner, brush pad and even cleaning detergent. Once you have one of these kits, you will be ready to get to work. You can also purchase a replacement kit, which will also include sponges and blades for when the original has worn out.


Some of these magnetic window cleaners come with a scraper, which helps you get dirt off the window. They work well with built-up debris that has gotten stuck to the window or stickers that were applied. Some cleaners come with trays where you can place a paper towel to shine the windows at the finish.


There are several reasons to choose a magnetic window cleaner. Cleaning both sides of the glass at once saves time. You can use it on second-story windows or other areas hard to reach with a ladder. Just open up the window and set the two parts together. The magnets hold them in place. All you have to do is work the inside cleaner, and the outside cleaner follows along.

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