Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Mail boxes for everyone

Complete your home with a perfect pick from a wide range of mail boxes that can be found here on eBay. Keeping your letters and parcels safe and secure is easy when there are so many mailbox styles to choose from to adorn your home or business, from the classic, traditional mailbox to something more modern.

Available in various styles, colours and materials, there's bound to be a mail box perfectly suited to your home. Browse through the large selection of mailboxes for homes and businesses available on eBay and you're likely to find something you'll be proud to put on your home.

Although your email address is handy and our phones are getting smarter by the second, snail mail will never really go out of style and the art of letter writing will hopefully stay alive through future generations. So, browse a great selection of mailboxes and you're bound to locate a mailbox that's signed, sealed, and definitely for you.

Post-modern mailboxes

The sheer number of mail boxes available caters for all styles and functions, whether you're after a freestanding mailbox, a surface-mounted letterbox for your door, a mailbox to fix onto your timber or brick wall, or a mailbox for a gate, railing or fence.

You can get a variety of finishes, designs, and sizes for the great variety of homes and commercial buildings in Australia. If weather resistance is a concern, there's a variety of different weatherproof materials available, such as steel mailboxes, or a seal or brushed seal to allow for weatherproofing.

Special delivery mailbox

If you're regularly shipping packages, parcels, or extra-large post to your address there are larger options that'll suit you. Likewise, if you want a box for multiple recipients then there are multiple occupancy solutions available.

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