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Mako Fishing Sunglasses

Spinning reels, fishing rods, and lures may be the obvious tools to pick for a fishing trip, as these help to catch the fish. However, you also need to think about your own protection. This means wearing waterproof clothes, sturdy boots or shoes, and last but not least, proper eyewear, especially on sunny days. If you stay outdoors for a long time, the bright sun could damage your eyes or blind you, ruining the fishing experience. With its high-quality Japanese and Italian lenses, Mako holds the answer to your fishing needs.

Lens Colour

You should choose the lens colour depending on when, where, and why you're wearing them. Grey is a general-purpose colour and is good for offshore fishing as well as other sports. Copper and amber lenses provide the brightest field of vision that you would need in sight fishing. Brown could also be good when sight fishing thanks to its great colour reproduction. In early mornings, opt for yellow lenses for the best contrast and depth perception. In high light, you are better off with blue mirror lenses that can provide great contrast, while green mirror lenses serve you well when inshore fishing.


You may choose from three coatings. The oleophobic coating helps the lens to repel dust, dirt, water, and fingerprints, so the glasses are easier to clean and less prone to scratching. The AR, or anti-reflective coating, gives you better vision by stopping reflections on the inside face of the lens. Hydrophobic coating on the outer layer keeps the water away, protecting you from splashes.


In terms of durability, plastic-based polycarbonate lenses cannot beat glass. The latter are lighter, resist impact, and cost less, but Mako glass lenses for fishing sunglasses boast a superior clarity and resist scratches far better. Mako's polarised sunglasses are exclusively from a high-grade crown glass for the best clarity. Depending on the design of men's sunglasses, thinner glass can break more easily. Mako lenses range between 1.8 mm to 2.1 mm in thickness.


Mako polarised plastic frame fishing sunglasses use a special chemical film helps to reduce glare on their lenses. They ensure that the sunlight doesn't blind you, allowing you to maintain your colour and depth perception.

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