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Discover the world of Manga

Manga comics are filled with beautiful illustrations and artwork that immediately grabs your attention and keeps you hooked. There's a great range of manga comics to choose from including kids favourites such as Pokémon and stories for older readers such as Death Note, Bleach and Naruto. From used and brand-new anime and manga comics, you can be sure to find a great read or add to your collection.

Manga for kids

Children of all ages can enjoy anime comics and get caught up in the excitement of a new adventure filled with stunning illustrations, vibrant colours and an intriguing storyline. If your kids love Pikachu and the whole gang, go for the Pokemon manga comic books, which is a great choice for young children.

Famous Manga series

These include everything from Full Metal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa, Bleach by Tite Kubo and Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. Meet well-known manga characters such as Tensei, Sakura Haruno, Ichigo Kurosaki and Edward Eric as they face new challenges and overcome the deadliest obstacles.

Popular Genres

Many manga series are adventure fiction and include elements of martial arts. This includes Rurouni, which is an anime series written and illustrated by the famous mangaka (manga artist), Nobuhiro Watsuki. Horror is another great choice for anime fans with exciting series such as Mononoke capturing the attention of fans both on paper and on the television screen. Other great manga comics include Kuroko, Death Note and Fruits Basket.

Japanese artists

If you have a favourite Japanese Manga artist, you'll find their best work right here on eBay. From Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy to Wataru Watanabe's Yowamushi Pedal, which is a popular Japanese manga series. Read some of your favourites or discover new anime comics by talented manga artists you've never seen before.

Whatever your reading preference, you'll be able to find the perfect Manga book for you in either paperback or a hardcover. For children, you can really bring the characters to life during playtime with a range of Manga and anime action figures available on eBay too.

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