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Want a new outfit without having to bust the bank? eBay has the answer. You can find beautiful skirts, dresses and shirts with feminine prints designed and produced by Manoush. Since its foundation in 2002, La Maison Manoush has succeeded in establishing itself as a unique French brand that doesn't live by the rules. The idea was born when the French designer Frederique Trou-Roy went to Morocco and was inspired by the exotic Marrakech markets. She spent time in the souks speaking to local artisans and ordering local accessories. She embarked on further trips to India, Africa and the Middle East that enriched her imagination and fuelled the growth of the Manoush brand. Today, it is known for its bohemian, poetic and feminine designs. These are recognised by the diverse embroidery and colourful prints. Choosing Manoush is so much more than choosing your next outfit. It's choosing a design that reflects a fusion of cultures in a modern world. With just a few clicks, one of her beautiful designs could be yours today, on eBay! 

On eBay, you can find an enormous range of Manoush skirts, dresses and shirts. Whether it's a Saturday night out with the girls, date night, or even a casual morning coffee that transitions into an afternoon of errands, eBay has something for you. What's more is that the colourful prints and vintage styles add some excitement and fun to your wardrobe! 

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