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Manual Citrus Presses and Juicers

Manual citrus presses and juicers are designed to make it easy to extract the juice from citrus fruit like lemons, limes and oranges. From ultra-simple designs to heavy-duty tabletop presses, there is a manual press to suit almost any juice lover.

Freshly Squeezed Citrus Juice

Whether it is orange juice, lemon juice or grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed juice has the freshest and tastiest flavour. If you need to add a splash of lemon to a recipe or just want a tall glass of orange juice, it’s best to get it straight out of the fruit. Citrus fruit juices are also healthy as well as tasty, which is why juicing has caught on as part of a healthy lifestyle. Freshly squeezed juice has the major advantage of containing no additives, unlike many cartoned or canned juices and concentrates.

Traditional Reamers and Juicers

The simplest form of manual juicer is the reamer. This consists of a shaped head on a handle that can be pushed into half of a lemon or orange and used to squeeze the juice out. The pulp and seeds then have to be removed by straining the juice. Another classic option is the old-style tabletop lemon juicer, which combines a reamer-style head with a shaped dish designed to strain the seeds out. The classic models are made from glass, but modern styles can also be made from stainless steel, silicone or plastic.

Juice Presses

Reamers and tabletop citrus juicers are simple to use, but it can be difficult to get all the juice out and stray seeds are often an issue. A juice press uses long levers to allow the user to apply extra force to the fruit. The scoop-like design holds the fruit in place and also helps to strain out seeds and pulp. The extra force applied to the skin also helps to get out more of the fruit’s essential oils for a more intense flavour. Handheld juice presses are more suitable for smaller fruit like limes, but the speed and ease of use makes them a cocktail bar favourite. For heavier duty fruit squeezing, a big tabletop stainless steel manual citrus press makes it easy to extract juice from larger citrus fruit like oranges and grapefruit.

Electric Citrus Juicers

All manual juice presses require a degree of muscle power, so they aren’t suitable for everyone and may get tiring if you have a lot of fruit to juice. An automatic citrus press lets an electric motor do all the hard work. Electric juicers are typically more expensive and may not be as easy to clean, but they also require a lot less effort. Automatic juicing is essential for commercial applications and can also be useful for heavy juice drinkers.

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